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Masahiro Okinawa Gin Recipe 02
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Masahiro Okinawa Gin Recipe 02
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    “Masahiro Okinawa Gin Recipe 02” uses a large amount of Okinawa’s local citrus variety Tankan as its main gin spice, combined with southern-style mint, cloves, moon peach, ginger, and lemongrass to create a craft gin with a refreshing taste and aroma.

    “Recipe 2” has a distinct herbal flavor different from that of “Recipe 01.” Making a Gin Tonic or Gin Rickey to best enjoy its aromatic and refreshing taste.

    Ingredient: Awamori, citrus tankan(tankan), juniper berries, mint, aromaticus(cloves), alpinia zerumbet(moon peach), ginger, lemon grass

    Distillery: Masahiro Distillery
    Alcohol Content: 47%
    Volume: 700ml

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